Sitecore Commerce Virtual Summit 2020

Join Sitecore, Verndale, and other top Sitecore partners to learn tips & tricks and best practices on how to succeed with digital commerce. During this virtual event, access two 4-hour sessions to learn from industry experts and experienced specialists on topics ranging from analytics, measuring performance, product engagement, and scaling personalization to data-driven search.

This is a great opportunity for commerce leaders and decision makers, whether you are already using Sitecore or another commerce platform, or considering to enter the ecommerce space.

Featured Session:

Let’s Talk (E)Commerce Projects

Commerce projects are exciting! But what if the team does not fully understand or follow fundamentals of commerce in context of a project – the basic commerce terms. The goal of this session is to help team leads and decision-makers, who are already involved in commerce projects or plan to be – to learn and understand commerce terminology and overall project flow for a commerce website. An overview of what to expect and be better prepared for, while working on a commerce project.

Hetal Dave

Technical Architect, Verndale

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