Helping Marketers Navigate through Disruption

The world changed a lot in the last few weeks.

For most marketers this was a wakeup call. We realized that we need to be able to quickly adapt and pivot in the face of change, no matter what happens. 

Verndale's Pivot Plan is designed to help marketers navigate business disruption by recalibrating and reprioritizing their digital plans, investments, and KPI’s for 2020. During the months of April and May Verndale will be offering the Pivot Plan for free to qualifying organizations.

This high-value program is administered as a two-hour virtual workshop, along with remote pre-work, to uncover:

  • Primary business pain points caused/influenced by the disruption
  • How your marketing plan and investments need to evolve in context with these realities
  • The role technology and digital experiences can play in delivering customer value and solving business challenges
  • How you define and deliver on the metrics that matter most

    The output of this exercise is Verndale’s Pivot Plan – a crawl/walk/run strategic framework for near-term solutions, activation and optimization, as well as longer-term opportunities.

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